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Welcome to my home on the web. Thanks for stopping by.

My physical home is a small town nestled in the East Texas woods. This is a place where pick-up trucks outnumber cars and a temporary shut-down of the local Mexican restaurant qualifies as big news. It’s a dry county so we have no liquor stores or bars, but there’s a church on nearly every corner. The local hospital has twenty-eight beds and our fire department is staffed by volunteers.

Readers often ask where I come up with the colorful people who inhabit my books. More than one editor has suggested I tone down the quirkiness of some of my characters so as to make them more believable.

If only they knew. 

In other parts of the country, gentle people might keep their eccentric, off-the-wall friends and relatives tucked away, kindly shielded from public view. Not so where I live. We roll up our sleeves, band together, and build those folks a float so they can wave at us as they ride down Main Street in the Christmas parade.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than listening to someone’s personal story. Give me an hour. I’ll wish for a day. Writing provides a great excuse for the innate curiosity I have about other people’s lives.

I am blessed and honored by the friends, family members, and strangers who give me permission to share their lives, to put their most intimate experiences, thoughts, and feelings on paper for others to see. Sometimes days, weeks, maybe months after such a conversation, I’ll sit down to write. Memories will come to me. And as my fingers work the keys I’ll find myself smiling, laughing, sometimes weeping in awe over all I’ve been told.

How thankful I am that this is my work.

As you explore this site, you’ll have a chance to meet a few of my favorite characters and get a taste of the rich life I love. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. And come back soon.annettesig


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Welcome to the official web site of Annette Smith, author of Whispers of Angels and A Bigger Life


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